General Operative

Location Belfast
Discipline: Warehouse
Job type: Full time
Salary: £12.38 Per Hour
Job ref: J110696
Published: 10 days ago

We are seeking General Operatives - City and Neighbourhood Services, for our client based in Belfast.

Responsible to the relevant line manager for the undertaking of duties utilised in Waste Collection, Open Spaces and Streetscene Services work to include areas such as streets, entries, parks, playing fields, landscaped areas, open spaces and waste facilities either individually or as part of a team.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm

Pay Rate: £12.38 Per Hour

Job Type: Full Time

Job Duties:

Cleansing / Waste Collection Duties:

- Safely collect and load all domestic, commercial waste and priority waste as identified by management, for transport to the designated transfer or disposal site. This includes the cleansing of priority waste as required.

- Undertake any inspection process required to ensure that materials presented for collection, recycling and composting are not contaminated by non-appropriate materials, this will include both pre and post emptying of the receptacle.

- Undertake appropriate measures to identify premises not adhering to proper procedures for presenting materials for recycling, for example, contamination, not suitably presented, not leaving out receptacle and inform the occupiers as required, note vacated or new domestic or commercial properties, provide supervisors with the necessary reports on such premises.

- Undertake assessments of specific waste collections, collating required information and report problem areas to the call-centre and/or appropriate supervisor.

- Assist with any promotional activities designed to encourage the public to recycle, including personal contact with the public, leaflet drops, attachment of container stickers, etc and assist with any public survey work as required.

- Ensure that all operations are carried out with due regard to property and with minimum disturbance to members of the public, hence waste/recycling containers etc should be emptied and returned to their proper location undamaged and lids should be closed.

- Ensure that work is carried out in an effective manner, ensuring that all spillages, residues, loose and bagged waste are cleaned up and work areas are left in a high standard of cleanliness on completion of operations.

- Report back accordingly to the appropriate line manager on completion of the day’s route and to inform management of any unfinished work, access problems or problems encountered, report damaged containers, lifts or other equipment and to return to overlooked area’s on the day’s route.

- Safely collect, separate, load or store any segregated waste or street arisings as identified by management, for transport to the designated transfer/disposal site.

- Use and operate any equipment and associated materials as required. Ensure the safe use and storage of such equipment and to report any defects to management in a timely manner; for example, waste/recycling container lifts, tail lifts, weighing equipment, hand truck, brushes, shovels, strapping equipment, power wash, gum machine and generator and safety equipment.

- Assist the mechanical sweepers as required by sweeping litter on footpaths into road channels.

- Cleanse pole mounted and freestanding litter bins, peg gullies for water drainage to the required standard.

- Assist with manual and mechanical snow clearance, gritting of predefined areas and sweeping leaves (using leaf blowing or collection equipment) and to distribute waste bags as required.

Gardening duties:

- Carry out cultural operations, eg the planting of trees, shrubs and plants, turf and seed sowing, grass cutting, hedge cutting and pruning.

- Operate tractor mounted equipment, powered hand tools and light plant as required and to maintain all tools and equipment in a satisfactory condition including the cleaning of hand tools and basic cleaning and maintenance of lawnmowers.

- Assist in the development of horticultural schemes, carry out the associated labour such as soil cultivation, manuring, site preparation and construction.

- Load, unload and move equipment and materials such as mowers, barrows, plants, soil, fertilisers, horticultural tools and sundries.

- Carry out the application of chemical pest control methods including calibration of sprayers and identification of a range of pests, diseases and weeds.

- Maintain games facilities and areas including spiking, scarifying, top-dressing, fertilising and also marking of games areas and erection/dismantling of posts.

- Maintain the general safety of users on site, ensure orderly conduct and prevent misuse and nuisance to other users and local residents.

General duties:

- Start and finish at the appropriate location daily, to obtain and use keys for access to gates and buildings and operation of alarms as required, and undertake any cleansing, waste collection or gardening activities at any relevant location to the required standards in all weather conditions.

- Maintain the orderly condition of grounds and buildings, that is, cleaning, moping, sweeping, hoeing, raking, mowing, edging, removal of litter and rubbish etc. and the movement of equipment and materials (tables, chairs and machinery).

- Issue tickets and collect moneys as required.

- Use radio and other telecommunication facilities as required to ensure effective communication with other members of the team and line management, to communicate with site users, the community and emergency services as required, and to respond to maintenance and information requests.

- Assist with the collation of any required data and records including the use of any computerised or manual data capture systems and to present any necessary reports as required.

- Maintain records and complete incident reports and any associated paperwork in connection with acts of vandalism or anti-social behaviour.

- Take part in all required service, departmental and corporate training activities as required and to provide on-the-job coaching and training to other employee’s and work placements as required.

- Adhere to all instructions in relation to Health and Safety legislation including safe systems of work, the wearing of appropriate protective and reflective clothing, safety footwear and other PPE, the safe lifting of heavy objects etc. and ensuring the safety of the public and other council staff where appropriate.

- Identify risks in the course of their duty and take the necessary remedial action.

- Assist vehicle and equipment drivers in the safe manoeuvring of the vehicle in the course of all duties.

- Act in accordance with the council and departmental policies and procedures including customer care; equal opportunities; health and safety; safeguarding and any pertinent legislation.

- Participate in all induction and in-service training provided by Belfast City Council and in the induction and support of all newly appointed staff and other human resource management procedures as appropriate.

- Undertake the duties in such a way as to enhance and protect the reputation and public profile of the city council whilst adhering to the principles of high levels of customer care and focus at all times.

- Carry out any reasonable requests as may be made from line management and undertake such other relevant duties as may from time to time be required.

Job Criteria:

At least six months’ relevant experience of each of the following:

- Cleaning an outdoor area and undertaking gardening duties, for example, grass cutting, hedge trimming, planting, etc;

- Dealing with members of the public, and

- An awareness of health and safety issues, including the safe use of machinery and/or equipment or including complying with correct PPE and Manual Handling.

Special skills and attributes:

- Communication skills: good basic handwriting and comprehension skills with the ability to complete standard forms clearly. Effective oral communication skills with the ability to listen to others, assimilate information and, where necessary, convey it to others.

- Customer care skills: good inter-personal skills with an awareness of the importance of providing excellent customer care and creating a good impression to enhance the reputation of the council when in contact with members of the general public.

- Team-working skills: the ability to work on own initiative and with others to contribute to the effective meeting of team objectives.

- Work-planning skills: the ability to make decisions on a day-to-day basis in relation to personal working methods and requirements. The ability to prioritise work tasks and to understand and implement work programmes to ensure satisfactory completion.

- Health and Safety awareness: an understanding of health and safety responsibilities in relation to self, other employees and members of the public in a high risk working environment

Additional Information:

This General Operative position is in Belfast, Northern Ireland

If you're interested in this position, please send your CV to or contact our Belfast office on 028 9032 2511 and ask to speak with Ciara