How to Keep Focus during your Job Search

How to Keep Focus during your Job Search

10 months ago

One of the dangers of being out of work for an extended period of time is getting out of practice. Fail to use any skill for a while and you begin to lose your edge, this is why it’s so important to keep your mind focused when looking for a job.

Just like your body, your brain can become unfit with disuse. Here are some of our top tips on how to keep focused during your job search.

Keep active:

Studies have shown that brain health and physical fitness are inextricably linked. Therefore looking after yourself through a healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep will help keep your mind sharp and healthy.

Aerobic exercise seems to be particularly beneficial to the brain. By strengthening blood circulation, exercise nourishes your brain with the nutrients and oxygen it needs to perform optimally. Additionally, physical exercise is proven to help reduce stress by lowering insulin resistance and reducing inflammation.

Keep Up to date:

One of the fastest ways to lose touch with your industry is by not keeping up with current trends, news and trailblazing businesses and ideas. Now it is easier than ever to stay knowledgeable with blogs, podcast and other sources that cover every industry. This is something you should be doing whether you are working or not.

Keeping up to date is important as it keeps your brain as concentrated and active as before you were unemployed.

Keep in Contact:

Staying socially active with friends and colleagues has been proven to keep you mentally and physically healthy. The brain just like and other part of the body needs to be exercised, engaging in conversation requires a high level of mental dexterity which is strengthened the more regularly it is used. Keeping in touch with industry colleagues will help you feel less like an outsider.

Learn New Skills:

The best way to strengthen your brain is by learning a new skill, not through brain games as generally believed, this can be learning to play an instrument, learning a new language or any new skill that interests you. The intention is to use your brain in ways it is not used to. However the better you become the less effort it takes for your brain, if you feel you no longer need to concentrate on the task it’s time to change it up to create more of a challenge.

Pick something you are interested in and get started!

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