We are delighted to introduce our new Industrial Perms division operating across all 4 of our branches. In response to positive feedback, our team is committed to using our resources to craft long term career opportunities. Paving the way for professional development, hiring for more skilled and higher qualified positions.

We have been able to source candidates with niche skill sets for hard-to-fill, permanent roles in the industry sector. Hitting the ground running is our mantra, and we have amped up our business and marketing strategies to cater and deliver for these roles.

These endorsements were only one side of the Perms coin - flip this around and you have another undeniable trend we've noticed within our agency. Internal research has shown there is an increasing percentage of temporary workers moving onto permanent contracts - this not only reflects our team’s recruitment matching abilities, but also the reliability and strength of our candidates. 

The growth and development of Industrial Temps in 2019 has been progressive,  we are a local company sourcing for local clients. We have our ear to the ground when it comes to candidate and client satisfaction. With nearly 30 years experience recruiting for industry sectors in Northern Ireland, our expert team have been training and preparing for this expansion, with our value added service of 24/7 client assistance and our team are up for the new challenge!

Industrial Perms is co-ordinated by one of head recruiters Maggie Gwaizdowska - connect us! https://www.linkedin.com/in/maggie-gwiazdowska-assoc-cipd-18135841/