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29th June 2021

Our client Linden Foods are hosting a recruitment open day in Ranfurly House on Friday 2nd June

We will be attending from 11am – 12.30pm, this will be a great opportunity to speak with us about the Permanent opportunities available at Linden Foods, you can register with us and have an immediate interview on the day with Linden!

To book a slot please call Madona on 028 9260 5155 or email




Founded April 22nd 1991

This month we are celebrating Industrial Temps 30th Anniversary!

Looking back over the past 30 years we are celebrating the relationships we have built with our clients, candidates, suppliers and dedicated staff.

Our first office opened in Belfast in April 1991 and we were the first employment agency to open an office location in Lisburn in 1994 and since then have expanded with offices in Portadown and Ballymena.

For sure the one constant in business is change and over the past 30 years Industrial Temps have continued to innovate and diversify.

We are very proud of the long term business relationships we have built over the past 30yrs with companies all across NI.

Here’s to the next 30 years!

Top Tips for Job Seekers

January 7th 2021


Are you on the Job Hunt? We have put together some of our Top Tips to follow when you are searching for work!

CV and Cover letter – Ensure your CV and cover letter are up to date, if you need help there are some great templates and samples online! Try and have two or three references and their contact details ready to provide employers. Ensure you proof read your CV and cover letter ask a friend, family member or one of our experienced team to check for errors and offer advice on how to enhance your CV.

Customise your CV - Adapt your CV to each job you apply for. Study the job description to determine why you are a great fit. Then, add your skills and experience that are relevant to that position. Taking the time to highlight in your CV how you meet the criteria will ensure your employer can see you are suitable for the position and increases your likelihood to be invited to the next stage.

To simplify this step, have templates of your CV and cover letter ready to customise. Keep key sections such as your education and contact information the same, but personalise your abilities or past job duties to fit the job you are applying for. 

Use all Job Search Resources - Rather than limiting yourself to manual online searches, take advantage of all job search options. This may include attending (online) career fairs or searching social media. Use job search engines to find openings on job boards and sign up for daily or weekly job alerts by email. Registering with our agency will allow our experienced team to reach out to companies for you. As recruiters we have a large network of clients. Many of our clients recruit solely with Industrial Temps, giving our candidates priority. We also offer tools to help optimise your employability i.e. reviewing and giving advice about CV writing.

STAR Method – Use the STAR method – Situation, Task, Action, Result to tell your stories effectively. People tend to remember engaging stories and examples over lists of facts. Plan ahead by identifying personal experiences that highlight the skills needed for a particular job. Add these to your cover letter and use them during job interviews.

Prepare for interviews - Research common interview questions, create responses for them and practice those responses before you get invited to an interview. Ask a friend or contact to do a practice interview with you. The more prepared you are the more confident and comfortable you will feel going into your next interview.


How to Keep Focus during your Job Search!

June 2020


One of the dangers of being out of work for an extended period of time is getting out of practice. Fail to use any skill for a while and you begin to lose your edge, this is why it’s so important to keep your mind focused when looking for a job.

Just like your body, your brain can become unfit with disuse. Here are some of our top tips on how to keep focused during your job search.


Keep active:

Studies have shown that brain health and physical fitness are inextricably linked. Therefore looking after yourself through a healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep will help keep your mind sharp and healthy.

Aerobic exercise seems to be particularly beneficial to the brain. By strengthening blood circulation, exercise nourishes your brain with the nutrients and oxygen it needs to perform optimally. Additionally, physical exercise is proven to help reduce stress by lowering insulin resistance and reducing inflammation.


Keep Up to date:

One of the fastest ways to lose touch with your industry is by not keeping up with current trends, news and trailblazing businesses and ideas. Now it is easier than ever to stay knowledgeable with blogs, podcast and other sources that cover every industry. This is something you should be doing whether you are working or not.

Keeping up to date is important as it keeps your brain as concentrated and active as before you were unemployed.


Keep in Contact:

Staying socially active with friends and colleagues has been proven to keep you mentally and physically healthy. The brain just like and other part of the body needs to be exercised, engaging in conversation requires a high level of mental dexterity which is strengthened the more regularly it is used. Keeping in touch with industry colleagues will help you feel less like an outsider.


Learn New Skills:

The best way to strengthen your brain is by learning a new skill, not through brain games as generally believed, this can be learning to play an instrument, learning a new language or any new skill that interests you. The intention is to use your brain in ways it is not used to. However the better you become the less effort it takes for your brain, if you feel you no longer need to concentrate on the task it’s time to change it up to create more of a challenge.

Pick something you are interested in and get started!

Top Most Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Interviews can be nerve wrecking, the best way to combat this is by being prepared! We have listed below the most common mistakes to avoid in an Interview/ Skype Interview.

  • Negativity: Do not bring negativity into your interview. When faced with the challenging prospect of discussing previous employment, you should add a positive spin on even the most reasonable of complaints.
  • Inappropriate Interview Attire: It depends on the job sector, however the general rule is formal clothing. First impressions are important and show how seriously you are taking the opportunity. The best advice is always be well groomed, polished shoes and ironed clothes. This is just as important with skype interviews, ensure you are appropriately dressed head to toe and have a clean/ clear background, this will give you a more professional and confident feeling.
  • Talking: When answering interview questions you should be concise and clear with a beginning, middle and end. Too short and it may look like you have little to say but too long and you are more likely to babble and miss important points.
  • Not Enough Research: You need to go the extra mile when carrying out research. Candidates should memorise a few key background facts, find out more about who will be interviewing them, such as finding them on LinkedIn. Become familiar with the company's market and wider online presence. 
  • Lack of Questions: Interviews aren't just about why a candidates experience and skill can be applied to a role. It tests their interest in the position. Asking questions demonstrates your enthusiasm about the positions, but be careful asking questions about things you should already know as this shows lack of research. A good tip is to prepare a list of questions to ask so you don't forget them.


Great News for Ballymena!

Industrial Temps are extremely proud to be working alongside Wrightbus who have recently announced their plans to create an additional 1500 jobs for production of the first electric-hydrogen double decker bus. This is fantastic news not only for Ballymena and Northern Ireland but also for our workers who are eager to return to work to be a part of this exciting chapter of Wrightbus history. 

Looking After your Mental Health while Staying at Home

Plan Your Day:

  • We are all adjusting to a very new way of life. This can affect our mental well-being
  • It may be tempting to stay in our pyjamas all day, but keeping a regular routine is essential for maintaining purpose.
  • Try to start your day at roughly the same time you usually would and aim to set realistic tasks or goals each day.

Try Relaxation Techniques:

  • Relaxing and focusing on the present can help improve your mental health and reduce negative feelings.
  • Try some breathing exercises and meditation techniques to see what helps.

Get Moving:

  • Being active has many benefits. It reduces stress,increases energy levels, can make us more alert and helps us sleep better.
  • Everybody is different so try find ways of adding physical movement and activity into your day in a way that works best for you.

Take Time to Reflect:

  • Taking time to reflect on what went well everyday can improve our mental health.
  • It's essential to recognise your successes and the things you are grateful for, no matter how small they may seem.

Stay Connected:

  • Staying at home, particularly if you live alone, can feel lonely.
  • Try explore ways to stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers to help feel supported. This can be by post, over the phone or social media.

Improve Your Sleep:

  • Feelings of uncertainty and changes in day to day life/ routine can effect your sleep pattern.
  • Aim to go to bed and get up at around the same time (even at the weekend).
  • Try and get natural sunlight when possible.
  • Avoid using your phone, tablet, computer or T.V for an hour before bed. Wind down in other ways e.g. reading or listening to relaxing music.

Top 5 Free Apps to Help Keep Active!

 We know it can be hard to motivate ourselves particularly during this 

time where many are struggling to maintain routine. Exercise can be used 

as a distraction, stress reliever and of course beneficial in keeping our 

minds and bodies healthy. We have listed the 5 best free apps to use to 

help stay active.


1.       Runtastic: This app allows you to set personal goals, tracks your routes

 in real time which you can share with friends! It also has the option to sync 

with apple music to offer high tempo playlists for motivation.

2.       Asana Rebel – Yoga and Fitness: This app is great if you are new to Yoga 

as it has different stages from beginner to experienced. Two new workouts 

are released daily, so you are not stuck doing the same thing.

3.       Couch to 5K Runner: This NHS programme claims to get people off the 

couch and running in just 9 Weeks! This app is ideal for new starters as it eases

 you into a new regime setting realistic goals to work from a 15-minute route

 up to a 5k run. Each workout is guided by a voice over.

4.       Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer: This app allows you to exercise well from 

the comfort of your own home (ideal for our current situation). You simply

 choose the area of your body you want to target, and the app offers a simple 

5-30 Minute workout.

5.       My Training Workout Tracker: This app offers helpful training videos with 

a routine log so you can monitor progress. This app is great for those missing 

the support of Personal Trainers and coaches as this allows you to speak with 

certified coaches by using the chat feature!

Office Announcement!

Due to the safety of our employees and workers our offices are currently closed to the public, however, we do remain operational.
Should you need to contact our offices you are advised to email and someone will get back to you at the very earliest opportunity.
May we take this opportunity in wishing you, your family and friends safety and health during this very trying time.



Top Tips For Stress Management!

It has been a stressful few weeks and with many things still feeling uncertain we have listed some easy tips to help deal with stress during this time:


-          Attitude is an important factor. Sometimes it can help to take a moment and reflect on your position. Look for the positives in life and things we are grateful for, it can be helpful to write down 1 thing each day.

-          Be active! Exercise will not make stress disappear, but it can help clear your thoughts and allow you to deal with problems more calmly.

-          Taking care of ourselves is important. At this current time particularly, we need to ensure we are eating healthy, are aware of our alcohol consumption and try to maintain a good sleeping pattern.

-          Taking 15-20 minutes personal time can help reduce stress levels. Setting aside ‘me time’ to practice relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, or tai-chi can be beneficial for stress management.

-          Stay in contact. Talking to a friend or family member can be an effective way to deal with stress. Stress effects everyone at different levels and in different ways but remember were all in this together.

Wrightbus Information Days!!


We will be holding Wrightbus Information Days, to give our candidates more information about the current vacancies with Wrightbus and how to apply.


We will be in Magherafelt Jobs and Benefits Office on Tuesday the 11th of February 2020 from 11am - 3pm


Ballymoney Jobs and Benefits Office on Thursday the 13th of February 2020 from 10am - 12pm.


We look forward to seeing you there!! 

Job Fair


We are holding a Jobs Fair in Jobs and Benefits Office Newtownabbey on Friday 10th January from 11am - 3pm.

This will be a great opportunity to see what jobs we offer!

See you there!!


Industrial Temps are proud to announce we are  working in partnership with Wrightbus.

We are now recruiting for Coachbuilders, Vehicle Installation Electricians, Spray Painters and Body Paint Preparation Operatives.

More positions will become available over the coming weeks/months.


Buta Atwal, Wrightbus Chief Executive said: “We hope to attract the brightest and best talent to help us rebuild this great company and encourage anyone who is interested in the roles we are recruiting for to get in touch.”

Our Office is here to help! With our Ballymena Office now offering evening appointments to suit all our candidates needs.

Please call 028 2542 0140 to book an appointment.


Belfast Careers Fair!!

The Industrial Temps Team are excited to be attending Belfast Careers Fair! Come visit us at Ten Square Hotel on Wednesday 6th November 10am - 2pm

We offer the greatest number and variety of temporary and permanent jobs within the industrial sector.

Our PORTADOWN office turns ONE!

Septmeber 2019

It has been one year since we stepped into our new Portadown office. We’ve seen the last 12 months fly by and super proud of all we’ve achieved; from growing our client profile and expanding our team to learning new skills and evolving what we have to offer.


Happy Birthday to our Poratdown office- keep up the great work!


Belfast Transport Employment Academy

30th August 2019

Industrial Temps attended the Belfast Transport Employment Academy hosted in City Hall on Tuesday the 27th of August. The accredited and industry- recognised training is designed in partnership with the council and transport employers across the city. It is a free training programme which gives participants the licences, tests and other skills needed to embark on a career in the industry.

Belfast’s Lord Mayor Councillor John Finucane commented
‘The transport sector is vital to our city's success and provides a wealth of opportunities for both employment and self-employment – so we've given this Academy a great deal of thought with our partners, and as a result, it provides excellent, practical and specialist support to people interested in working in transport.’

Thank you inviting us!

Industrial Temps Top 10 Tips for Interviewing

20th August 2019

Great! You have landed the Interview- what next?

This means your CV or profile has stood out to the employer from the competition and you are a potential fit for the job. Now it’s time to prepare, and we’ve got you covered. Our Industrial Temps Resoucers have put together their Top Ten Tips for a successful interview! Good luck!



Top 10 Tips to help you in Interviews!

We are on LINKED IN- Get connected!

July 2019

OVER HALF A BILLION USERS! LinkedIn has reached 575+ million users this year- and we are one of them!

LinkedIn has become the best way to instantly reach out to colleagues, potential employers and groups. Our Industrial Temps page is dedicated to keeping you up to date with valuable content in our specialized sectors as well as being a great tool to land your dream job!

Reach out… and connect!

Introducing... Industrial Perms!

July 2019

Let us introduce you to our new service- PERMS (Permanent Placements Division at Industrial TEMPS!

Industrial Temps have been able to successfully place thousands of candidates. We have discovered that many of these temporary roles have progressed into permanent placements. This paired with positive feedback from Clients and being able to contend with their growing demands has made Industrial Perms a natural expansion to our company.

With nearly 30 years’ experience recruiting for industry sectors in Northern Ireland, our expert team have been training and preparing for this expansion and we are up for the new challenge!

Amongst the positions we are currently hiring for are:


Keep up to date with all INDUSTRIAL PERMS and connect with us!


Investors In People re-accreditation

July 2019

Today we are excited to be hanging our renewed Investors In People Plaque. After many years of hard work and assessment we are thrilled to receive this award for the second time. Investors in People is recognised over the world for showcasing organisations that demonstrate clear commitment. We invest heavily in development, progression and performance and recognise that our employees are our biggest asset. Our teams are determined to improve the way we manage, develop and lead our staff. It is always an ongoing journey and receiving this accreditation again keeps us focused!  


Big congratulations to all the teams at Industrial Temps!

Industrial Temps OPEN DAY

May 2019

We want to make sure everyone has a chance to come in and chat to us here at Industrial Temps.  With new opportunities constantly coming our way,  we want to invite you and your friends to our OPEN DAY on SATURDAY the 8TH of JUNE between 10AM and 2PM.  Stop by and say HELLO in any of of 4 branches!  We look forward to seeing you!

If you would like to register on the day please bring:

  • Passport or Long Birth Certificate
  • Evidence of National Insurance Number
  • Evidence of your Bank Details
  • CV with References
  • Certificates of Licences

Industrial Temps Top 10 Tips for creating a perfect CV

April 2019

Our experienced Resourcers have put together their Top 10 Tips and Hints to create the perfect CV to help you stand out from the crowd! Your CV is an introduction of yourself to the employer and they will form an impression based off it.  Download our Tips or call to organise an appointment with someone in our team. Get going on your next career move!


Top 10 Tips to get the perfect CV

ANNOUNCEMENT! Our Portadown Office has reloacted!

September 2018

We are proud to announce that we have moved to a new office location in Portadown! Still providing the same fantastic service but in a new and trendy building. The larger office space and new layout  allows us to add more functions to deliver a value added service to all our clients.

Our new office address is 2 Bridge Street, Portadown, BT62 1JD,

Our office numbers will remain the same as

  • Tel: 028 3839 3333
  • Fax: 028 3839 3325

We look forward to seeing and chatting you in our new surroundings!